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The Virtual Lands contain 3d digital art related items by Olivier Ffrench : a 3d gallery with images made with Bryce, Vue Infinite, Poser, Hexagon and 3d resources: models to download, tutorials, textures and links.

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I am now working on specific personal projects using Vue 11.

Latest 3d blog post

Plant Factory preview

Plant Factory preview

last edited on: 11 April 2013

E-On Software is preparing the release of a brand new plant creation software.

Latest image in the 3d picture gallery

Piggy bank

Piggy bank

A little picture I made to illustrate an article in a blog.

Latest 3d model added

The hole - 3d heightfield

The hole - 3d heightfield

Large hole in a plain
Heightfield size: 2048px by 2048px
Format: 16 bit tiff (Vue)
Masking maps: all except the hole(streams), sediments (flows)

Latest texture added

Mossy stone wall

Mossy stone wall

Bitmap wall texture derived from an image of Tileable horizontally. Size: 2600*1280 pixels. Includes diffuse and displacement map.



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Spend your life in the eternal bliss of always having something to hope for, something to wait for, plans not realized, dreams not come true. Make sure you have new points on the horizon, that you purposely create. And at the same time, relive your memories, uphold and cherish them, keep them alive and share them, talk about them.

Make plans and take pictures.

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