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Yes, there are already scores of websites describing all the 3D links you need on the Internet, but still, I wanted to make my own list. The sites herein are the ones that are in my bookmarks, the ones that I visit regularily, the ones that have interesting resources you won't find anywhere else, or simply websites I visit when I am in need of inspiration.

Links list

Curious 3d

A gallery of 3d pictures by Cynthia Decker. Her images are both expressive and very well done.

D&D Creations

D&D Creations was initiated by Drea Horvath and Michel Rondberg and proposes resources for e-On Software Vue as well as galleries of their work.

NWDA net

A website proposing resources for Terragen 2 as well as information and an impressive (as often with TG2) gallery.

7th Circle

The website of Franck Doassans, aka Seth93 contains a gallery with stunning images made with Terragen 2. With such photorealistic landscapes, who needs a camera?

C4D Training

C4D training proposes a series of free video tutorials to quickly get started with Cinema 4D. They also cover some specific aspects of the software.

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Check out the Bookstore for books about 3d, fantasy illustrations and landscape painting.